We now live in a Subscription Economy. It was announced recently that Microsoft earnings from their Office365 online subscription-based-offerings had surpassed their more traditional “Box Copy”.  Microsoft’s gamble would seem to have paid off and begs the question – is the subscription economy here to stay? So, what is the Subscription Economy?  And what does … Read more

IT Security Blog : Week 7 GDPR : Compliance & IT Security In May 2018 all personal data processing businesses operating in the EU must, by law, be compliant with the GDPR. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on organisations to get their houses in order before the deadline, but this in turn is … Read more

IT security Blog: Week 6 Your Company Culture…… Have you considered IT Security?   When you identified, and articulated your organisational culture – way back when – did your IT Security come into the mix? Did you think about the security of your data, your employee’s data, the data you would collect from and hold … Read more

IT Security Blog : Week 6 Everyone works in IT. In the past, the biggest security threat to a company was “Did someone lock the gate at home time?” As business and technologies have changed the traditional “home time” checks have changed too. Modern business hours are 24×7, always open, meaning the gate never gets … Read more

IT Security Blog: Week 5 The Internal Audit & Your IT Security Usual conversation openers can be, where do you work or what do you do? If you work for the Revenue or are an Auditor, you are safe enough in the knowledge that the conversation just initiated will probably end quite quickly. Internal Audit … Read more

  What is the purpose behind having a meeting? To get updates? To assess/re-assess an event? To share information? It can be one, some or all these things. What is important is that all invitees to a meeting are aware of the meeting and what to expect. Also beware the pitfall of what I like … Read more

Want to take your IT Security further?   Your IT Security In the last 3 weeks, I have discussed the most immediate, easily accessible and effective actions one can take to improve one’s IT security and that of your organisation. These simple steps, tips and pieces of advice will most definitely improve your IT security – but … Read more

IT Security Blog: Week 3 Passwords  Passwords  Passwords   Your IT Security With Ransomware hitting the headlines again – we are going to take this blogpost right back to the simplest changes we can all make to help improve our personal and professional security: Passwords. Passwords literally affect everyone – from children on snapchat and … Read more

IT Security blog: Week 2 If you do ONE thing! What is IT Security? As mentioned in last week’s IT Security Blog, there is no silver bullet for the huge global issue that is Cyber Crime today. One of the 6 key steps we outlined was the need to disable local admin rights. We consider … Read more

IT Security Blog: Week 1 6 steps to radically improve your company’s IT Security One of the hottest topics across the globe right now is IT Security. So, what exactly is IT Security and how does this affect you and your Business? IT Security is how your business networks, computers systems, servers, PC’s, Programs and … Read more