CU247 Super User Training

We know your members demand a lot from your Credit Union staff and that you like to deliver your famous high levels of customer service!
To help you hit the ground running in 2019, we have developed a brand new CU247 Super User Course and we have a special introductory winter offer for our customers.

This course will help your team get the most out of the system and answer member’s & auditor’s queries faster than ever.

“Why choose Intuity?”

•We have almost four decades of experience in delivering best in class solutions for Credit Unions all over the island of Ireland.
•We work to ISO 27001 standards.
•We are Microsoft Gold Certified and therefore have access to all the exclusive benefits this offers.
•Our highly skilled tutors will provide training for your team to ensure they are equipped with everything they need to get the most out of CU247.
•We offer a round-the-clock support facility to all our customers should they need someone on hand to talk them through a process or help out in a moment of difficulty.

To book your Super User Training call TJ today on 1890 987 900 or email

Key Topics Covered:

Utilities- Get under the hood of CU247

• System Parameters- Let’s do things right! Let’s set parameters to your Credit Union goals .
• User Permissions- Let’s review what key user permissions mean so staff can login as themselves and get things done quicker.
• Security Audit Utilities- Let’s learn how to audit staff and keep your Credit Union fraud free!
• Short Code Maintenance- Learn how to customize lists and options to categorize payments, people, and tasks.
• Anti-Money Laundering- Get tips on how to generate AML reports that mean something to your organization, allowing you to hone in on risky members and save time and energy sifting through massive amounts of data! Also customize the Online Teller Screen for your staff based on the needs of your specific Credit Union!
• Printing- Get an in-depth understanding on how printing works in CU247 and empower your staff to tackle printer problems on the spot!

Member’s Data

• Edit Member- How to avoid common mistakes on the main edit member screen. The impact of making basic changes to member’s personal information.
• Member 360- Learn about recent changes to Member 360 and how you can update member details quickly while completing other tasks- like Loan Applications!
• Online Teller- The best way to save and edit bank details in the system.
• Account Maintenance- How to edit share freeze, loan interest, and dormant accounts. Learn to minimize the need for staff to constantly go in and out of this screen.
• DGS Tool- Connections between people who have multiple accounts. Who should be connected and who shouldn’t. How to confirm that you can connected someone properly?
• CCR/ICB- Quick steps to take to prevent CCR and ICB errors. How to find the causes of errors with personal data and resolve them quickly.


• Payment Setup- How to create and edit trouble free payment setups.
• Returning CTs & DDs- What to do when you need to send something back to the bank?
• Sending CUSOP Transactions to Suspense- How to move a CUSOP item from Suspense?
• Flexi Account Charges- How to charge members for Flexi Accounts?
• Foreign Banks- How to add a SEPA reachable bank?

Online Banking

• Edit Member, Online Teller, and Self Service.
• Answer member’s questions in one visit or phone call.

Why Call Now?

We are offering a limited number of “end of year” specially priced packages for all orders placed before the end of 2018.

Training will take place in Galway, Sligo, Donegal, Limerick and various locations in Northern Ireland also.

Dates available in January and February 2019.

Call TJ on 1890 987 900 today for more information.

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